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How to Do the Side Splits Fast

Side split is also known as the middle split, box split or straddle.  It is a skill that requires flexibility.  We all know that not all individuals have flexible bodies, but this doesn’t mean that they aren’t qualified to learn how to do the side splits.  It may be difficult, but I assure you that it is also very doable.

Side splits are mostly seen done by gymnasts, dancers, cheerleaders and martial artists, and it’s pretty obvious that they have gone through intensive training before they are able to completely learn how to do the side splits.  As part of their regular training, they need to perform warm-up and stretching exercises.  Warming up your body, particularly your muscles, is necessary before doing stretches so as to enhance its flexibility.  You can either do jogging, jump rope or brisk walking.

When learning how to do the side splits, there are certain steps that you should follow.  Consider doing step 1 to the last step and do not even attempt scrape off any of the steps because you just don’t know what might happen if you do – you might get injured or there is a possibility that your muscles might get damaged.  But if you follow these steps in the right way, then there’s no doubt that you will successfully learn how to do the side splits.  So, here now are the steps:

1.    Stand up with your back straight then stride both legs.  Make sure your hips are squared.

2.    Bend down starting from your trunk with your legs still straight.

3.    Next is to stretch your hands in front of you then down to the floor.  In the process of learning how to do the side splits, it is wise to know where to shift your balance each time you do one move to another.

4.    After which, start sliding your legs sidewards using your heels, which leaves your toes pointing inwards.  Do this until your thighs are close to the floor or already touching the floor.  If you can’t, keep practicing. Maybe you still have to do more stretching exercises to make your body even more flexible.  This is one of the secret ingredients that you need to inculcate in your mind if you really want to learn how to do the side splits.

Being able to learn how to do the side splits is really very challenging since most of your muscles have to be stretched and become flexible.  It also required that you develop a certain amount of patience.  Failure to do so would mean the cancellation of your goal, which is to learn how to do the side splits.

There are various stretches that you can perform when you’re in the process of learning how to do the side splits.  Most stretches usually target the lower back, hips, inner groin and hamstrings.  Although they are proven to be effective in the process of learning how to do the side splits, you still have to make sure that the stretches are done properly to avoid any type of injury.

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